Harnessing microbes for cleaner resource extraction

Bioleaching optimization:

We can run bench scale reactors for optimization of bioleaching microbial consortia from a variety of residues including Au, Ni, and Cu bearing materials.

Inoculant characterization and development:

Isolation of various microbes for phenotypic and genomic characterization as well as development of small batch inoculants for bioleaching and bioremediation applications.

Community characterization and functional genomics:

High throughput characterization of microbial communities in a variety of mining related materials and delivering phylogenetic profiles and/or functional gene profiles can be carried out. Targeted functional genomics can be performed for the development of total activity, potential, and rate determination.

Custom bioremediation technologies for mine residues:

We are eager to work with you and your company to develop microbial based/enhanced solutions for established or new bioremediation technologies.


Our services include routine DNA sequence monitoring of solid and liquid mine waste and environmental samples for microbial community profiling and conduct statistical comparisons to geochemical parameters.