MBI Mining is using genomics and microbiome technologies to clean up mine wastes and extract metals more efficiently.

Microbial communities are important drivers in the transformations of mine wastes including weathering tailings, waste rock and the production of acid mine drainage (AMD). On the one hand we want to harness to power of microbes to help extract metals through bioleaching, on the other hand, we may need to monitor mine effluents to limit microbial drivers of AMD or try to remediate the mine wastes or other contaminated environments. We use genomics and bioinformatics to provide knowledge of the microbiome that can be used to develop solutions for bioleaching applications (optimized microbial consortia and recovery), biomonitoring (AMD rates, impact on natural environments), and bioremediation (metal stabilization activity, metal reduction). We have a library of microbial cultures and metagenomic libraries that can also be used to accelerate the development and application of superior bioleaching and bioremediation products.