MBI Bio Computing applies a diverse bioinformatics toolbox to challenges of microbiome investigation.

Characterizing the microbiome through metagenomic sequencing requires considerable sequencing and analysis resources and can be cost prohibitive for all but simple environments. We present our proprietary Metagenom-1© framework of algorithms that integrates metagenomic and taxonomic survey high throughput sequencing to decrease costs and improve characterization of the microbiome. Metagenom-1© integrates the power of machine learning, numerical ecology, and network analysis towards understanding the microbiome.

Sequence-based investigations into the microbiome can broadly be characterized as who is present (survey) and what are they doing (functional). Metagenom-1© seeks to address these questions by extrapolating higher resolution metagenomic libraries using our database of analyzed public genomes and metagenomes, microbial dark matter, and curated sequencing projects in conjunction with paired sequencing of client samples.

Metagenom-1© also provides a clear framework for identifying key functional and taxonomic drivers in the microbiome at decreased cost and increased resolution. A major goal of this strategy is to increase the accessibility of meaningful microbial community sequence analysis so that this technology can live up to its promise as a powerful enabler of solutions.

In addition to the Metagenom-1© framework we also offer general bioinformatics and analysis support for genomics, metagenomics, and microbiome survey analysis, as well as custom bioinformatics solutions suited to organizational needs.