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Genomics and Bioinformatics

At Metagenom Bio, we provide comprehensive bioinformatics and analytics services, specializing in data-driven analysis of the microbiome and metagenome.

Metagenom-1: “The breadth you want, the depth you need”

Our proprietary analysis framework, Metagenom-1©, enables a comprehensive investigation into microbial community membership and functional roles at unprecedented depth and reduced cost. Our database of analyzed public genomes and metagenomes, microbial dark matter genomes, and curated internal sequencing projects promotes high resolution results from client survey or hybrid sequencing data.

Microbiome analysis

We have extensive experience in the statistical analysis of microbiome survey data (e.g., 16S rRNA). These surveys can be a low cost and effective method for understanding microbial dynamics, community structure, and organisms driving differences between treatments.

Metagenome and genome analysis

The volume of sequence data now being generated can often pose a challenge to the end user. We provide full analysis service of metagenome and genome sequence data, including assembly, annotation, pathway and functional analysis, environmental genome recovery (metagenome binning), and biomarker discovery. We can develop analysis workflows suited to your research questions.

Custom workflow implementation

Metagenom Bio can provide custom software solutions for your bioinformatics needs, including custom pipeline/workflow design and implementation. This promotes faster, more reliable analysis and reproducible research within your organization.