Metagenom Bio Inc—The Environmental Microbiome Company

Many hear the word “microbiome” and immediately think of its importance to human health. We hear “microbiome” and think of environmental sustainability, healthy soils, more productive agriculture, and cleaner resource extraction. Our mission is to open the microbial “black box” in any environment through Envirogenomics, and make the microbiome healthier.

In the past two decades, microbiologists have been learning how to use DNA sequencing coupled with bioinformatics to understand microbiomes. At Metagenom Bio Inc., we put this into practice by specializing in the detailed analysis of microbiomes that are associated with environmental or agricultural systems, using a proprietary approach called Metagenom-1©. We then use that information to improve the operation of those systems. As a research based company, we seek to provide solutions based on microbiome design.

We can help the microbes do your dirty work.  



MBI Agriculture targets plant associated microbiome as a critical component of precision agriculture utilizing genomics technologies.



MBI Mining is using genomics and microbiome technologies to clean up mine wastes and extract metals more efficiently.



MBI Bio Computing applies network analysis to challenges of microbiome investigation.



MBI Custom R&D is available to assist in the design and implementation of custom research projects.



MBI Bio Products harnesses the hidden value of uncultivated microbial genomes for development of high value bioproducts.